Guided tours

Historical town walk in Arboga town centre

A warm and humorous guided tour takes you on an exciting journey through Arboga's history. Listen to tales of Gustav Vasa's time in Arboga, of the scandalous life of his daughter, Cecilia, and of the legendary monk tunnels.

Dramatised guided tours in Arboga Museum

Visit Örströmska house from 1846 at Arboga Museum. Experience the atmosphere and listen to tales of the maid's or farm hand's chores and duties. Dramatised shows where you can listen to the servants tell about their life.

Guided tours in Arboga Brewery Museum

Tours in Sweden's only surviving timber brewery. You will find out more about how they used to make beer, beer history, and see all the tools that were used to make this drink.

Herb garden walks in Sankta Karins Örtagård in Ahllöfsparken

Herbs as magic, medicine and food is the theme of the tour in the mediaeval herb garden.

More information and ticket sales at Arboga Tourist Office.

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