Arboga is know for The Medieval Days in August, but the town has so much more to offer! The Carneval, Kanalens Dag (canal event), Summer entertainment by the river, Historical city walks and Jädersbruksdagarna (market, veteran vehicles, music & exhibits) are but a few of the events that draw a large audience.

If you wish to find out more about events, sights, activities, restaurants or lodging please contact us at Arboga Tourist Information.


     Events 2016


  • Easter Market 19 March
  • Children´s day 21th Mai
  • Artists Open their Houses 14-15th Mai
  • Arboga Carnival 18th June
  • Arboga Meet 2nd July
  • Canal Day 2nd  July
  • Music by the river th July
  • Misic by the river th July
  • Medieval Days 10-14th August
  • Market in the Square  27th August
  • Jädersbruk Festival Days 3-4nd September
  • Farmers Market 24th September
  • Market in the Square 8th October
  • Olden Days Christmas Market 10-11th December

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