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Strategically placed at the heart of the expansive Mälardalen region, Arboga is uniquely situated, making it ideal as a communications centre. It is at the junction of the E18 and E20 motorways and also the Mälarbanan and Svealandsbanan railway lines. This puts Arboga at the centre in a triangle made up of the surrounding cities of Örebro, Västerås and Eskilstuna. This strategic location has had a great deal of influence on Arboga’s business community and on the town as a whole.

Highly Skilled and Efficient- -Arboga’s Business Community

One outstanding feature is the large concentration of skilled professionals in the high technology sector, especially in industrial IT and aviation electronics, two areas in which Arboga has a long tradition.


The high-tech industry is just one region in Arboga’s diverse business community, with the area’s largest employers being the production industry and the service sector. There are also many people employed in the public sector and the retail and service industries, not to mention a number of small businesses, several of which have a long history in the region. Arboga is also a well established home to many artists, craft workers and the like. These and many other people are all working together, shaping the dynamic contrast between Arboga’s rich, cultural past and a bright, positive future.


All questions related to establishing business contacts in Arboga are welcome and can be answered by Utvecklingscentrum, as can queries concerning available premises and land sales. Information on the local business community and other related areas is also available.


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