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Books in other languages

We have books, newspapers and magazines in languages other than Swedish.


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If y ou don't find the item you are looking for, we can help to supply loans from other libraries, i. e. the County Library in Västerås and the International Library in Stockholm.


Below you can browse the library catalogues. Loans from other libraries are free of charge.


Arboga Public Library

Västerås County Libary

The International Libary


中文 - Chinese

فارسی - Persian

Русский - Russian

Español - Spanish

Other languages - Stockholm Public Library


Newspapers and magazines

Finfo. Links to news media in approx. 50 countries.

Inter Press Service


IPS has journalists in almost 100 countries. This database can be read in many languages, including non-european.

Accessible only at the library. 

Bibblan svarar

A multilingual e-mail service. Librarians from all over Sweden assist in answering the questions.

العربية Suomi فارسی Español Polski Русский ภาษาไทย Français English


In easy Swedish

Easy reading for adults

Easy reading for adults mp3

8 pages of easy-to-read Swedish. Weekly magazine on-line.


Information from "Vägverket" regarding driver's licence in easy Swedish and other languages.


Language course material

At the library you can borrow Swedish language courses on cassette, CDs and CD-rom.

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Multilingual interactive glossary

Bildteman is a multilingual interactive glossary or dictionary that contains 1800 everyday terms / words with pictures, text and audio.
You can listen to all terms in all the languages. Just click on a word or picture to hear how it is pronounced.
Currently there are Bildteman in 18 different languages. Swedish and English words appear in all languages. One can easily switch between the three languages.


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