Databases in English that the library subscribe to

Library PressDisplay

Provides a full-color and full-page collection of around 1000 newspapers from over 80 countries. The newspapers are available in 48 languages and can be translated into 12. Individual pages and single stories can be printed or emailed. Users can also hear the news read to them by switching on the integrated radio.

A 60-day archive is also available, searchable by country, language, title, frontpage image, photograph, or headline.

Available from the computers at the library and from your own computer at home.

Library PressDisplay

Swedish National Encyklopedia

NE online is mainly in Swedish, but it also includes a useful translation service from and into English. Fill in a word and try it!

The entire National Encyclopaedia is only accessible at the library. But one part of, 64 000 of the articles, is accessible to everybody. The entries are described in fact-checked articles, but more concisely than the articles to be found in the subscribed part of

Swedish National Encyklopedia

Inter Press Service News Agency

IPS is a global news agency producing independent news and analysis about events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations, especially in the South.

The agency presently covers over 150 countries. The service is produced in English and Spanish, with selected stories translated into French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, Mandarin, Nepali and Kiswahili.

Only accessible at the library.

Inter Press Svervice Agency


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