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Verification of child-care fees in 2022

Ensuring that everybody pays the correct fee for their children’s places at preschools (förskola) and after-school centres (fritidshem) is a matter of justice. For this reason, Arboga Municipality has been carrying out annual verifications of child-care fees since 2016.

These verifications are carried out two years after the fact, because that is when data from the Tax Agency become available. This means that the verification being carried out now, in the autumn of 2022, relates to the 2019 tax-assessment year.

The verification involves comparing the information that a household provided to the municipality with that household’s assessed income according to the Tax Agency. Total annual household income according to the Tax Agency’s records is divided by 12 to obtain average monthly income.

The vast majority of households pay the correct fee and will not be affected by the verification. If it turns out that the income you reported to us is higher or lower than your actual income, an adjustment will be made: If you should have paid more, you will receive an invoice. If you should have paid less, you will receive a money order. Amounts below SEK 600 are not invoiced or repaid.


Questions and answers:

If we have questions, who should we ask?

Legal guardians who have questions about the verification of child-care fees should contact the Children and Education Administration of Arboga Municipality.



How is the correct fee calculated?

A household’s total annual income according to the Tax Agency’s records is divided by 12 to obtain its average monthly income. This is then compared with the income information provided by the household and recorded by Arboga Municipality.

Contact: Ing-Marie Blomkvist, telephone 0589-872 19.

Telephone hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Visits by appointment only.

Postal address Street address Telephone Fax Internet Bank Giro Corporate ID account No.

Box 6 Smedjegatan 5 (Town 0589-870 00 0589-144 86 481-1667 212000-2122

732 21 Arboga Hall)


Is my income not updated automatically?

No, your income is not updated automatically. It is the legal guardians’ duty to report correct information about income and family circumstances, so that the fee charged to the household will be correct. Family circumstances here refers to persons sharing a household. Those who are married or live together are counted as a household for income purposes regardless of whether the children are mutual or not.

Contact: Ing-Marie Blomkvist, telephone 0589-872 19.


How soon must I pay if I have paid less than I should have?

The invoice is payable in 30 days. If you have lost your invoice and need a copy, please contact our accounting clerk.

Contact: Susanne Wåhlander, telephone 0589-874 87.


I cannot pay my invoice. Who should I talk to?

If you want to draw up a payment plan, please call the Financial Section. Contact: Anne Gustafsson, telephone 0589-870 28.


This invoice cannot be right. How do I dispute it?

If you want to dispute an invoice, we need you to do so in writing. Send us an e-mail or a letter. Then we will investigate the matter and send you our response. E-mail: Address: Barn- och utbildningsförvaltningen, Box 6, 732 21 Arboga.


I was not told before that this would happen. How did you provide information?

We provided and will go on providing information via the municipality’s website. Posters with information were put up at pre-schools and after-school centres. Questions relating to pre-schools and after-school centres are answered by the respective head of operations:

Pre-schools: Britt-Marie Deubler, telephone 0589-871 65.

After-school centres: Anu Enehöjd, telephone 0589-872 11.


What income is used to calculate child-care fees?

Income refers to salary or wages before tax as well as any other income taxable under the Income Tax Act (1999:1229). These are some of the most common types of income:

Salary, wages and other remuneration in conjunction with paid employment; net business profit of self-employed persons; foster-home parents’ fees + gross income; pension; parents’ allowance (föräldrapenning); sickness allowance (sjukpenning); unemployment benefit (arbetslöshetsersättning); unemployment allowance paid in cash (kontant arbetsmarknadsstöd); unemployment benefit from an unemployment fund (A-kassa); training benefit for labour-market training (utbildningsbidrag gällande arbetsmarknadsutbildning); family benefit in the

form of family allowance (familjepenning); and daily allowance for those undergoing military refresher training.

Contact: Ing-Marie Blomkvist, telephone 0589-872 19.

More information can be found on our website,, under “Barn och utbildning, Avgiftskontroll”.

The website also includes information in languages other than Swedish.

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